Mat Repair Kits
  • M+A Matting’s Repair Kits are the best solutions for mats that have become cut, nicked or even torn.
  • These easy-to-use kits can be used in one of two ways: Cold Patch Repair Kits and Heat-Seal Repair Kits.
  • The Cold Patch Repair Kits – Contain rubber strips and a fast-drying adhesive that make them easy to use. Depending on the size of the repairs, these kits contain enough materials to repair 10-20 mats. The rubber is sold in rolls of 2” x 5’ strips and is available with smooth or cleated backing.
  • The Heat-Seal Repair Kits – Use in conjunction with a mat repair press or heat-seal machine. Please use uncured rubber strips to mend the mats. Uncured rubber is sold in 2” x 5’ strips or by a 2” x 225’ roll if larger quantities are needed.