Dye Kits
  • Dye Kits are the best way to extend the life of a mat.
  • These kits contain all of the necessary materials and instructions to over-dye/touch up most nylon mats that have faded or become obsolete.
  • Dyes are pre-packaged in 100 lb., 200 lb. and 400 lb. kits.
  • This easy, one-step process is very economical, safe and delivers bright, colorfast nylon mats.
  • For large capacity wash wheels, multiple over-dye kits may be used.
  • Mats must be manufactured with Nylon yarn to take advantage of these over-dyeing opportunities.
  • A double strength, black dye kit is also available in 100 lb., 200 lb. and 400 lb. kits for over-dyeing logo mats.

*Results may vary depending upon the quality and different shades of mats being dyed and the equipment used during the over-dyeing process. M+A Matting cannot accept responsibility for replacement of mats due to off-shade results.