Hog Heaven III Modular Tile Comfort (DNU)
Anti-Fatigue / Indoor (DNU)

36”x 36” – Product No. 523

18” x 18” – Product No. 522

  • (DNU) *** Closed-cell nitrile rubber cushion provides long-lasting comfort and outstanding anti-fatigue qualities
  • Nirtile rubber surface is molded to the cushion backing (not glued) so the surface will not delaminate; chemical and oil/grease resistant; will not curl or crack
  • Welding safe; electrically conductive
  • Versatile modular tile design with wedge locking mechanism allows for larger custom installations; available with solid black border or yellow striped border
  • Recommended for distribution, manufacturing, and retail facilities for picking lines, assembly lines, work stations, check-out stations, and more
# #

  • Black Side

    Black Side

  • Corner Black

    Corner Black

  • Center


  • Yellow Border

    Yellow Border

  • Yellow Corner

    Yellow Corner