Hog Heaven Electrically Conductive
Anti-Fatigue / Indoor

Striped Border Product No.4511 -5/8” Product No.4513 -7/8”

Black Border Product No.4507 -5/8” Product No.4509 -7/8”

  • Nitrile rubber top surface has is electrically conductive to quickly drain static electricity to help protect sensitive equipment from damage
  • Closed-cell nitrile blended cushion is permanently molded (not glued) to the nitrile rubber top surface
  • Chemical-resistant, grease and oil-resistant; borders will not crack or curl
  • Available in 5/8” and 7/8” thicknesses
  • Borders are beveled and are available with OSHA-approved color: yellow
  • Recommended for manufacturing, assembly lines, work stations, and more
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