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  • Solutions by Market

    Solutions by Market

    Learn how mats can benefit your business and see recommendations for education, healthcare, restaurant/food service, and commercial facilities.

  • Product Comparisons

    Product Comparisons

    Compare M+A mats to traditional mats.

  • Tech Tips

    Tech Tips

    Helpful tips including laundering instructions, mat sizes and weights, and repairs

  • Chemical Compatibility Chart (PDF)

    Chemical Compatibility Chart

    Learn how certain chemicals react with nirtile rubber.

  • Matting Survey (PDF)

    Matting Survey

    Matting Survey - complete this document with your sales rep to determine which mat options best fit your needs.

  • Modular Tile Worksheet

    Modular Tile Worksheet

    Use the Modular Tile Worksheet to prepare floor plans for Modular Tile matting systems.

  • Troubleshooting (PDF)


    This document is designed to help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter with matting.

  • Mobile App User Guide (PDF)

    Mobile App User Guide

    Please pardon us as we take some time to update/re-brand all of our content to M+A Matting. Thank you.

  • Other Brochures

    Other Brochures

    Other Brochures

  • Design Specifications

    Design Specifications

    Design Specifications